On foot

Hotel LEV**** is located in Lovosice, in the very heart of the Bohemian Uplands region. It is conveniently accessible via highway D8 (about 40 min. from Prague and approx. 1 hour from Dresden). Cyclists will appreciate the nearby Elbe River trail. The surroundings boast a number of historical monuments and natural points of interest.

  • The chateaux of Libochovice and Ploskovice, or the towns of Litoměřice and Terezín
  • Milešovka, Lovoš, Říp


Milešovka (837 meters above sea level) is the highest mountain in the Bohemian Upland Mountains and is considered the most windy mountain in the Czech Republic. On its peak, there is a weather station and refreshments. Two routes lead to the top – one from Milesov and the other from Bilka.


To see these ruins, it is advisable to travel, ideally, by car to Sutom (approx. 8 km from Lovosice) and from there continue on foot to the castle for about 2 km. It is an easy trip with a beautiful view at the end.


Lovoš (570m above sea level) – is a mountain near Lovosice. On its peak is a tourist chalet with refreshments. You can park your car in the village of Opárno.

Borečský vrch

Borec (446m above sea level) is a hill in the Bohemian Upland Mountains. It is special with its ventaroles - streams of warm and humid air at the top of the hill, thanks to which there are flowering plants even in winter. The nature trail begins in the village of Režný Újezd.

Oparno Valley

The valley lies below the Lovoš slope. It is ideal to drive to the sports field in Malé Žernoseky and continue on foot to Černodolský Mill. The route is undemanding, and can even be managed comfortably with a stroller.