Hotel LEV**** is located in Lovosice, in the very heart of the Bohemian Uplands region. It is conveniently accessible via highway D8 (about 40 min. from Prague and approx. 1 hour from Dresden). Cyclists will appreciate the nearby Elbe River trail. The surroundings boast a number of historical monuments and natural points of interest.

  • The chateaux of Libochovice and Ploskovice, or the towns of Litoměřice and Terezín
  • Milešovka, Lovoš, Říp

Elbe Bicycle Route

It is possible to meet up with the trail in Lovosice in the "Osmička" park and continue either in the direction of Ústí nad Labem (use the ferry in Malé Žernoseky to Velké Žernoseky), or in Litoměřice (the ferry connects Lovosice with the village Píšťany near Café Zámeček).


Malé Žernoseky – St. Thomas Winery
Velké Žernoseky – Žernosecké Winery
Třebívlice – Johann W
Radobýl – Klášterní Wine Cellars in Litoměřice

Cycle Route from Vlastislavi to M. Žernoseky

This route leads through Košťálov, Boreč, Opárno. In Male Žernoseky it is possible to make use of the ferry across the Elbe and get on the Elbe Highway.


Melnik is a small twon about 48km from Lovosice and is the centre of Bohemia's bugeoning winegrowing area. It has a huge amount of history dating back to the Thrity Year's War - when it was destroyed by the marauding Swedish army before being rebuilt - and it retains strong characteristics from many periods in history. The Old Town provides the main lure for most tourists, as it has a number of different wine bars and attractive historical monuments.


Děčín is a nice city in the valley of the Elbe, close to the main railway connecting Saxony and Prague. Before World War II, most of the inhabitants were ethnic Germans. After the war most of the German population was driven out, fled or was resettled and the new communist government redesigned the city destroying many historic buildings and building panel blocks in the process. Because of that, these days there is more than one city center in Děčín, which might be confusing. The old German name for the town "Tetschen" most likely has the same root as the Czech name, which becomes obvious when you hear it pronounced in a Saxon accent.


The village of Kocourov is approx. 10 km distant from Lovosice. It makes for a beautiful bike ride along the Bohemian Uplands with the possibility of refreshment at the end of the route.


The Royal town of Litoměřice is situated on the banks of the Elbe River, about 10 km from Lovosice. The city has a picturesque historical center, a large part of which is bordered by the preserved Gothic fortifications. You can visit the “U Kalicha” building on Mírové Náměstí, which was named after the lookout tower in the form of a chalice. The tower is a reference to the town's wine-making tradition.

On the ground floor of this building is the Information Center. Don't miss the tour of the underground passages, which are among the largest in the Czech Republic. Other interesting buildings include a Gothic castle from the 13th century. Today there is a modern exhibition of Czech winemaking. Another very interesting building is the St. Stephen Cathedral on Dómsky Pahorek, built in the 17th century.


The fortified town of Terezin is 8 km from Lovosice. In the 18th century Joseph II. built a fortress which he named after his mother Maria Theresa. Almost all around the town, the original fortifications in the style of the French Maziéres fortification school are preserved. The fortifications also include a small, later-built fortress situated behind the city. During World War II it was used as a concentration camp.

Roudnice nad Labem

Roudnice nad Labem is a town on the left bank of the Labe River about 27 km from Lovosice. The town is situated near the site of Říp, notable for its connection with the legend of Praotec Čech.

Historical sights to see: Roudnice chateau, Watch tower and Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Augustinian Monastery