Conference Rooms


Conference facilities:

1. Conference hall

This hall is suitable for conferences from up to 100 people (it is possible to divide the hall into two smaller rooms)

  • a) capacity up to 100 people (theatre play)
  • b) capacity up to 70 people (school event)
  • c) capacity up to 30 people (larger part of the hall)
  • d) capacity up to 15 people (smaller part of the hall)

2. GOLDEN private room

  • capacity 6 places

3. ROYAL private room

  • capacity 15 seats max.

We Offer:

  • modern and prestige rooms (large conference room with the option of dividing it into 2 smaller rooms, with separate techinical equipment, layout can be arranged according to your individual needs)
  • air conditioned rooms
  • first-rate audio visual technology
  • tech expert assistance
  • café – can be utilizied for training
  • catering services (all assortments of refreshments offered are prepared on-site in Hotel Lev)
  • wheelchair accessible
  • sound system installation in the outside areas and throughout the hallways
 Hall for hire

Prices of conference and meeting room hire
discussed individually.

More informations on tel: +420 416 532 317 or e-mail:

 Data projector and projector screen 900 CZK / day
 Projector screen 200 CZK / day
 Flip chart, paper, markers 250 CZK / day
 Sound system, wireless microphone 400 CZK / day
 Laser pointer 250 CZK / day
 DVD player 250 CZK / day
 Printer and paper 400 CZK / day
 Podium 150 CZK / day
 Internet (WI-FI) FREE

Tax not included in the prices stated. 

Plans of premises

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Photo Gallery:

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